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 Simple Rulls

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PostSubject: Simple Rulls   Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:26 am

What you should do:

1. You should always follow orders from a higher ranking Officer

2. You should always act in a responsible way

3. You should always keep your weapon cleaned and functional and with live ammo.

4. You should know the Los Santos Penal Code and have it always near you in case you need to read it.

5. You should only fire when fired upon, or to protect yourself or anyone in danger.

What you shouldn't do:

1. You can't treathen civilians without any reason

2. You shouldn't abuse your power

3. You shouldn't chase someone just because you want to. You have to have a reason, a valid one.

4. You can't ride any Police vehicle without an Officer (If you are a recruit)

5. You can't accept any kind of bribe. That will cost you your carrer and you may get arrested.

6. You can't have any kind of relations with the Mafia or with a Gang.

7. You shouldn't carry your weapon on your hand. Keep her secure and use it only when necessary.

Disrespect of any of these Rules will lead to a serious investigation
where the Chief of FBI will decide what do to. You may have to go to
Court of Law and be judged accourding to our current Penal Code.
Please note that you'll probably suffer severe consequences if any of these rules aren't followed.

The Chief of FBI,

Pablo Manzoni.
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Simple Rulls
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