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 † Jordan Downs Crips † History

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PostSubject: † Jordan Downs Crips † History   Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:28 pm

The Crips are one of the macro-gangs raging mainly in South Central Los Angeles, the Crips gang is considered the most powerful gang on the west coast of the United States.

As required, Crips (blue) and Bloods (red) are cordially hate and rivalry often ends in exchange of fire. The traditional color of belonging to the gang is blue for Crips. Furthermore these gangs are marked by a strong group consciousness or ideology. This is illustrated well in the content of the graffiti and tattoos worn by their members. Crips gangs have even created their own dance step: "the crip-walk" meaning: the march of the crips, the ancestor of "C-Walk (Clown Walk). There is a lot of Crips gang members for but as they used to fight each other as well as other gangs, it compensates cela.Il are several "Crew" in which the OGC Crips (Original Gangster Crips) .

History [edit]

The Crips gang was founded in 1970 by Stanley Tookie Williams, Raymond Washington and Chalk Face known as Frantz Caraher, the only white person to have been an original member of the crips.

Raymond Washington, a student aged 15 from Fremont High School, is launching what would become a group later known as the Crips in 1969, after many bases of power of the Black Panthers have been eliminated, as those of other groups which power to blacks in Los Angeles. Washington, who was too young to participate in the movement of the Black Panthers during the 1960s, decided to found his own group. With some friends, they met near the Fremont High School of the 78th street. The Crips were formed from the Slauson gang that holds part of the territory of Cribs Hood. The Slauson then actively fight against the Spook Hunters South side gate. Then, the first gang to appear are the Gladiators, the Andiasors the Slauson and Whit childhood.

In 1968, the Baby Avenues arrive in the city of Compton and settled in Creeb Baby Street. 1st their slogan is "From the craddle to the Grave" ( "cradle to grave"). In 1970, the Baby Avenues West led by the young Raymond Washington meet with the leader of Baby Avenues East side, led by Tookie Williams. Washington decides to unite the two halves of the neighborhood. The Baby Avenues did not like a gang, but as an organization to support the neigbourhood (neighborhood): the original intention of the Crips was to continue the revolutionary ideology and act as community leaders and protectors of their neighborhood , hence the name Crips (Community-Report-Introduction-People-Service). Initially were not Crips gang.

When African-Americans sent to the Vietnam war back in their neighborhood, which is occupied by blue gangsters whose rallying cry is Crip or die, so in response to change, the soldiers of the war revenue decide based Blood Brothers ( "Blood Brothers"), as they did in Vietnam. The Crips then abandon any social assistance provided to the community to focus on their new enemy, also African-Americans, Blood Brothers.

Both groups have a very strict dress code, they wear eysdouss and bombers. The report Crips gang they belong to the left hand as the letter C is odd.

During the summer of 1972, the Crips from Compton Pirus and come into conflict. The Pirus were fewer and the Crips prevailed. The Pirus then turn to the Lueders Park Hustlers requesting their assistance. They agreed and a meeting is organized on Piru Street. Like the Crips had murdered an LA Brim at the beginning of the year, their Pirus also ask to join them. The Denver Lanes and the Bishops are also present there.

In 1980, the crack reaches Pantucos by Latinos in the district of Los Angeles. Youth gang members, since the Blood Brothers, engaged a war without thank you: take the Bloods Piru Street stormed to establish their trade in crack. In response, the Crips decided to also start in the business of the drug, exacerbating the situation of rivalry. In 1982, a separate branch of the Crips, the Rollin, and its members will turn against their old gang. At the time, the Los Angeles area has about 000 members of 30 gangs and 1982, the gangs are starting to sell a lot of drugs. The crack becomes popular new drug and gang members to collect thousands of dollars every night in the deal. The market for the drug creates a new source of rivalry between the two major gangs.

The number of homicides increased each year from 1985 to 1992 but after the riots of 1992, the numbers are stabilizing. Indeed, in 1992, the inhabitants of Piru Street Crips and the resolve to conclude a truce at the Watts riots, caused by the beating of a young black driver by police in the city.

In 2005, Tookie William speaks from death row to tell the Crips and Bloods to stop fighting. Temporary lull ensued but the war is not over, however.

Today there are about 274 gangs linked to the Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles area. They can also be found now in the United States and some Canadian cities, even in Europe, this because some of the gang members have migrated from Los Angeles to the cities but also because some young people from these cities imitated Gangsta culture in Los Angeles. In 1998, there were approximately 150 members of 000 gangs in the Los Angeles area. It can also be realized that the number of killings attributed to gang warfare is down with only 399 in 1998 compared to 805 in 1995.
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† Jordan Downs Crips † History
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